I'm Bodhisattwa, an aspiring Linguist and Computer Scientist.

My research interest focuses on Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics and Machine Learning.

News I will be joining the department of Computer Science, University of California San Diego for PhD in Fall 2018. I will be a part of the UCSD AI group and will be working with Prof. Ndapa Nakashole.

News Currently, I am authoring a book named 'Natural Language Processing: A Pragmatic Approach'. More details here.

I graduated from IIT Kharagpur with a Masters Degree majoring in Data Science and Machine Learning, under the supervision of Prof. Animesh Mukherjee. My latest endeavor was at Walmart Labs as a Research Engineer, on the various applications of NLP and Machine Learning in eCommerce. I also actively collaborate with CNeRG, the NLP-Complex Network Group of IIT Kharagpur for research on Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing.

My current vision is focused towards understanding the intricate skeletal structures of various languages, their divergence from each other, discoverability of their compound token structures, autonomously identifying hidden intents, opaque expressions and semantics from large discourses and optimally feeding those artifacts to machines to make them accessible and re-usable.

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Selected Projects

Publications & Patents

An 'Eklavya' approach to learning Context Free Grammar rules for Sanskrit using Adaptor Grammar

Amrith Krishna, Bodhisattwa P. Majumder, Pawan Goyal 17th World Sanskrit Conference 2018 (Section - Computational Sanskrit & Digital Humanities)

Deep Recurrent Models for Product Attribute Extraction in eCommerce

Bodhisattwa P. Majumder*, Aditya Subramanian*, Abhinandan Krishnan, Shreyansh Gandhi, Ajinkya More Submitted in European Conference on Information Retrieval 2018 *equal contribution

What’s in a ‘Meme’? Understanding the Dynamics of Image Macros in Social Media

Bodhisattwa P. Majumder, Amrith Krishna, Unni Krishnan, Anil K Boga, Animesh Mukherjee ArXiv, 2017

Implementation of a Two-tier Double Auction for On-line Power Purchasing in the Simulation of a Distributed Intelligent Cyber-Physical System

Denise M. Case, M. Nazif Faqiry, Bodhisattwa P. Majumder, Sanjoy Das, and Scott A. DeLoach Advances in Artificial Intelligence, Research in Computer Science, MICAI 2014

Fault Detection Engine in Intelligent Predictive Platform in DCIM

Bodhisattwa P. Majumder, Ayan Sengupta, Sajal Jain, Parikshit Bhaduri 4th International Conference on Business Analytics and Intelligence, IISc Bangalore, 2016

An Efficient Iterative Double Auction for Energy Trading in Microgrids

Bodhisattwa P. Majumder, M. Nazif Faquiry, Sanjoy Das, Anil Pahwa IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence Applications in Smart Grid (CIASG), 2014

Differential Evolution based Score Level Fusion for Multimodal Biometric Systems

Satrajit Mukherjee, Kunal Pal, Bodhisattwa P. Majumder, Chiranjib Saha, B. K. Panigrahi IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence in Biometrics and Identity Management, 2014

A Novel Fuzzy Non-homogeneity Measure based Kernelised Image Segmentation for Noisy Images

Satrajit Mukherjee, Bodhisattwa P. Majumder, Aritran Piplai, Swagatam Das IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems (FUZZ-IEEE), 2014

A Multistage Unsupervised Framework for Determining Product Substitutes

Bodhisattwa P. Majumder, Arunita Das, Amlan Das and Subhasish Misra Business Analytics and Intelligence Conference, 2017, Bangalore

Master's thesis: Decoding Consumer Behavior in Retail via Statistical & Deep Learning Frameworks

Bodhisattwa P. Majumder
Advisor - Dr. Animesh Mukherjee
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, 2017

US Patent: System and Method for Product Attribute Extraction Using a Deep Recurrent Neural Network

Aditya Subramanian, Bodhisattwa P. Majumder, Shreyansh Gandhi, Abhinandan Krishnan, Ajinkya More Provisionally filed on 29th Oct 2017

US Patent: Analytical Determination of Competitive Interrelationship between Item Pairs

Subhasish Misra, Arunita Das, Amlan Das, Bodhisattwa P. Majumder Filed on 31st Oct 2017


2018 - PRESENT

Ph.D., University of California San Diego

Major in Computer Science; part of the UCSD AI Group; with Prof. Ndapa Nakashole as the advisor
2017 - 2018

Research Engineer, Walmart Labs

Major Works:

Neuro-attribute tagging using deep recurrent structures to improve product search, LSTM-CRF based Sequence to Sequence learning
Conversational Agent with entity extraction and resolution; Active learning with guided feedback to improve chat experience; retrieval based conversations
Attention based OCR for text extraction from images to improve product catalogs; ML pipeline for text detection and recognition, information extraction via tagging
2015 - 2017

Masters Degree, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

Major: Data Science and Machine Learning; CGPA: 9.71 / 10 (Rank 1 / 51)
Completed One Semester credit at Indian Statistical Institute
Master’s Thesis: Decoding Consumer Behavior in Retail via Statistical and Deep Learning Frameworks; Unsupervised Determination of Competitive Interrelationships of Products (Walmart Labs)
Advisor: Dr. Animesh Mukherjee, CSE, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur Courses: Machine Learning, Algorithms, Complex Network, Information Retrieval, Data Mining, Multivariate Analysis, Linear Algebra, Markov Chains, Probability and Inference
2011 - 2015

Bachelors of Engineering, Jadavpur University

Major: Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering; CGPA: 9.48 / 10 (Rank 5 / 70)
Bachelor’s Thesis: An interactive GUI based Real-time pulse processing system - an on-line streaming data analysis framework (Variable Energy Cyclotron Center, BARC)
Courses: Data Structures, Operating Systems, Compiler Design & Automata Theory, Signal Processing, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations

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Prof. Julian McAuley

Assistant Professor

Computer Science, University of California San Diego

Prof. Animesh Mukherjee

Associate Professor

CNeRG, Computer Science, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Prof. Pawan Goyal

Assistant Professor

CNeRG, Computer Science, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Dr. Ajinkya More

Senior Research Scientist

Netflix, CA

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Apart from being fascinated by the generation and evolution of natural languages, I am also bewildered by our visual capacity to comprehend this beautiful world. Check my 500px page to know my little contributions in that journey of aesthetic consumerism!

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